Our Process

Hampshire Homes | Single Storey Designs | Brookdale 30 | Sydney

Step 1: Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation appointment we will discuss your expectations, establish your budget and help you select the right home. We will also establish your list of requirements and provide you with a budget estimate.

Note: You should bring any information you have for your block and any Estate Building Requirements.

Step 2: Pre-Tender Appointment

At your Pre-Tender meeting we will site your home on your block and confirm your choice of Facade and Inclusions. This is also a great opportunity to discuss any changes that you may require to the plan or specification.

Note: At this stage you should supply us with a Contour survey and site classification (if available)

Step 3: Tender Presentation

At your tender presentation meeting we will present and explain your new home proposal in detail and discuss any concerns that you may have. We will also explain the construction process and timeframes of your project.

Note: Acceptance of your tender is required to proceed to the next stage.

Step 4: Documentation Preparation

Once you have accepted your Tender and paid the acceptence deposit we can then begin to prepare your final working drawings incorporating any changes that have been discussed previously. We will also prepare your project specification detailing all of your new home inclusions.

Step 5: Pre-Contract Appointment

At your Pre-Contract appointment we will sign off on your final working drawings and ensure all of your requirements have been addressed. We will present you with your Pre-Contract paperwork for your approval and enter into a preliminary agreement.

Note: Acceptence of your preliminary agreement is required to proceed to the next stage.

Step 6: Plan Approval

Preparation and Lodgement of your plans to Council (or PCA) and any other relevant authorities. Whilst this is taking place you will complete your colour, tiling and electrical selections. Any variations that you request will be priced for your approval and your contract documentation will be prepared.

Step 7: Contract Signing

Here we will present your contract and any other relevant documentation. Your construction timeframe and schedule will be discussed. Once you sign the contract you will need to gain unconditional approval from your lending authority so that we can begin the construction of your new home.