Unlocking your properties' potential

Entering the housing market is becoming increasingly difficult and we often see people having to wait longer to achieve their housing dreams. This means the demand for affordable rental housing is extremely high, creating an ideal opportunity for investors to boost their rental returns from existing properties.

The new State Environmental Planning Policy introduces a streamlined approach to the approvals process. Complying Development is a quick and painless way to gain approval to build, saving time and money. 

Our Studio's have been designed to ensure compliance under the SEPP which means hassle free approvals and a much quicker project timeframe which benefits you by:

  • Receiving rental returns on the property sooner
  • Reducing down time 
  • Reducing holding costs
  • Increasing the properties appeal for on-sale
  • Increasing investment security





  • Studio 1

    Studio 1

    2 1 60m²



    Studio 1 Brochure
    Studio 2

    Studio 2

    1 1 50m²



    Granny Flat | Studio 2 | Hampshire Homes | Brochure
  • Studio 3

    Studio 3

    2 1 60m²



    Studio 3 Brochure

    Studio 4

    2 1 60m²



    Studio 4 Brochure

To find out if you could benefit from building a studio in your backyard make an appointment to discuss your project.