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Many builders will offer a standard design for a difficult site, often relying on major excavation in order to get the home to fit. One major issue with this method is the need for retaining walls and costly structural landscaping once the house is built (often left up to the client).

In our experience we have found designing the home to suit the block is a better outcome for difficult sites. By using the land's individual shape and size we are able to create a home that is unique and practical for its surroundings.

Many people associate the words "Custom Design" with "High Costs" or an "Expensive Building Option" however, this is not the case and can be the complete opposite. Building a home that doesn't suit your land can create retaining walls and structural landscaping that can cost mega dollars not to mention the major site drainage issues, which can be nearly impossible to overcome.

In many cases forcing a standard home to fit on a difficult block can cost more in the long run and result in an inpractical and awkward landscape. 

Our design team specialise in sloping sites and can overcome many of these costly issues by designing the home to sit in perfect harmony with your site.

If you have a difficult site and are not sure what to do, make sure you speak with Hampshire Homes for obligation free design advice.